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Hang Tags

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-size 3.5 x 2

-14 lb. cardstock with aqueous coating, matte finish (professionally printed)

-hole punched in top for hanging (1/4" punch size.. optional 1/8" hole punch size available upon request)

-New logo designed by me is NOT included. If you have a logo already, you can include it. If you own a hair company, blank Length/Style/Origin boxes can be included where you can fill in the information by hand.

-Simple wording, background image, pics can be included

-2 revisions (chances to change things with the design) are included with this price. Any additional changes you request be made to the layout will incur an additional art fee.

-Proofs will be emailed, however, final digital design files are not included with this price. You may purchase the files separately. (see Digital Files category)

-String not included

-Turnaround time on proofs being emailed to you depends on how many orders are in que. You will receive your order approximately 7-14 days AFTER you approve the design.

-All cards in your order must have the same design. Example: Say you order 500 tags. You can't split the order and have 250 of them with the owner's name and 250 of them with a worker's name. They must be the exact same design. The correct way to order in a case like this is to add 250 tags to your cart and then add another 250 tags to your cart so that there are 2 separate sets. Each change in design requires new files to be made. So for each different design you must order the exact quantity needed for that setup.


To order, add to cart and check out. After completing the purchase, click on the FORMS category and click the link to the Design Info Sheet. You can upload your logo, idea sketch, colors and any other details about how you want your item designed to that info sheet.